The BYU Records and Registration Office can verify your current, past and/or future enrollment. 

Public Verifications
Student Verifications
Insurance Verifications
Loan Deferment


Public Verifications

  • Class Standing (Fr., So., Jr., Sr.)
  • Major
  • Anticipated Graduation Date
    • Before you apply for graduation, send us your graduation date by phone, mail, fax, or in person. Please remember that this does not mean you have applied for graduation.
  • Addresses
  • Degree sought
  • Completed degrees and dates
  • Completed majors and dates


Student Verifications

For the information listed below, please YMessage, mail, fax, or turn in a signed release to us:

  • Semester Credit hours
  • BYU total credit hours earned
  • BYU cumulative GPA
  • GPA or last BYU semester
  • Academic Standing
  • Pell Grants received
  • Scholarships received
  • Stafford Loans received
  • Tuition Paid

Requests should include:

  • Full Name
  • BYU ID # / Social Security #
  • Birth Date
  • Current Daytime Phone Number
  • Address where you want your verification sent
  • Signature

Send the request to:

BYU Records/Registration
B-150 ASB
Provo, UT 84602
Phone#(801) 422-2631
Fax#: (801) 422-0613 

YMessage Subject: Admissions and Registration > Proof of Enrollment or Degree



Insurance Verifications

To verify your enrollment for insurance purposes, contact us by phone, mail, fax, or in person. If you don’t have a form with the policy holder’s name and number, please give us that information. 

Insurance companies sometimes ask for other information, such as Good Student Discount, GPA, Academic Standing, or the BYU Total Credit Hours Earned. For this information, send us a written request with your signature.


Loan Deferment

Your lender can tell you what your status needs to be to defer paying your student loan.

We send enrollment information to National Student Clearinghouse (NCH), who then gives this information to their member lenders. Some of these lenders are Utah Lenders/Banks, Sallie Mae, Zion's Bank, UHEAA, and FedLoan Servicing.

Your lender should ask NCH for your enrollment information. Make sure we know your anticipated graduation date and that your lender knows that you are a student at BYU.  

Undergraduate Enrollment  Semester Term
Full-time* 12+ 6+
Half-time* 6-11.5 3-5.5
Graduate Enrollment             Semester Term
Full-time 8.5+ 4.5+
Half-time 4.5-8 2.5-4

 *Independent Study courses do not count toward enrollment status.