Transfer Course Planning

We are happy that you are considering BYU as a transfer destination.  Only courses with grades of C- or higher can transfer to fill general education requirements.   Additionally, a completed associate degree will generally fill most of the BYU general education requirements; plan your courses carefully with an advisor at your current school and at BYU. If you have any other questions about transfer credit, review our credit transferability guidelines. 

Courses can transfer in three ways:

  • As an elective (counting toward the 120 hours needed for graduation).
  • Equivalent to a BYU course, counting towards a general education requirement.
  • Equivalent to a BYU course, counting towards a major requirement.

Using the tools below can help you learn if your credit is accepted and which courses you can complete at your current school that are equivalent to BYU General Education or Major requirements.

Transfer Guides

Transfer Equivalency Search

For all other questions please contact us at (801) 422-8522 or