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Students who complete an AP exam with a 3, 4 or 5 or an HL IB course with a 5, 6, or 7 can turn their scores in for possible BYU credit.

The credit you will receive may fulfill specific graduation requirements, give you elective hours, and save you some tuition dollars.

Look up your AP or IB class based on the year you...

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We are happy that you are considering BYU as a transfer destination.  Only courses with grades of C- or higher can transfer to fill general education requirements.   Additionally, a completed associate degree will generally fill most of the BYU general education requirements; plan your courses carefully with an...

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BYU has a policy on what type of credits are accepted. This page can help you learn if your credit is accepted and how you can complete BYU General Education requirements at your current school. 

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Disclaimer:  Full disclosure of your academic history is required.

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Here you may learn if your college credits will transfer to BYU and what information you will need to send to transfer them.

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If you are a newly admitted transfer student, learn how you can find out what credits have transferred to BYU. 

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Would you like to transfer your credits earned at an Institute of Religion? Learn here how to transfer those credits to BYU. 

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If you are an international student, find out how to transfer your international credits.