Transcript Student
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You can order copies of your official transcript which shows all your BYU coursework. We cannot issue partial transcripts, or "unofficial" transcripts.

A Grade
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You may see your grades on your Record Summary or Progress Report.

Faculty and student
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We can help you if you need to request an exception to add or withdraw from a class(es) after the deadline. If you are accepted as an Evening School or Salt Lake Center student, you must petition for an exception to policy in those respective offices.

FERPA Lock and Chain
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Because BYU maintains a great deal of protected student information and data, video training is provided to help you understand and comply with FERPA.

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Online Changes: Contact Information, Personal Information
Other Changes: Birthdate, Citizenship, Dependents, Marital Status, Social Security #
Name Changes
Religion Changes

Testing Center
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You can complete some University Core requirements by taking an Exemption or Challenge Exam. Challenge Exams carry credit and a grade while Exemption Exams only fill a requirement. Refer to the University Catalog for more information.

Verified Envelope Exchange
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The BYU Records and Registration Office can verify your current, past and/or future enrollment. 

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You may request an incomplete grade (I) from your instructor if you had a nonacademic emergency (serious illness, personal injury, death in the immediate family, etc.) occur after the discontinuance deadline. An incomplete contract allows you to have up to one year to complete the unfinished coursework with your instructor. If the...


A diploma shows that you have completed your coursework at BYU. Final grades and coursework are usually posted onto your transcript after graduation.