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We provide information from the BYU academic database which serves a university purpose.  You must be a BYU employee to submit a request.

A Grade
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Review the official policies on final exams so you know what to expect.

Grade Submission
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Grade rolls for winter semester are due Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 12:00 noon. 

We encourage you to get grades in early and to double-check the status of your grade submission prior to the deadline. 

If you have any grade-related questions, please call us at 801-422-6567.


University employees who require access to student records in order to perform their job responsibilities may request access to AIM.

Class Roll
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A list of information that can be found on the Class Roll screen as well as other helpful Class Scheduling screens in AIM.

Curriculum Tools
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Curriculum Handbook
Curriculum How To
Curriculum Forms
Degree Code Lists

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Most classrooms are scheduled in advance for academic classes but unscheduled rooms can be requested later through our office or Campus Scheduling depending on the circumstances. If you need to make a change to the class schedule, faculty members must go through their department scheduler.

FERPA Lock and Chain
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Because BYU maintains a great deal of protected student information and data, video training is provided to help you understand and comply with FERPA.

Grade Sheet Change
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After grade processing is complete, you can change grades online in the grade roll.

Faculty and student
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Find out how to create permission-to-add and permission-to-audit codes here.

Full Time Employee (Josh)
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If you are a full-time employee who would like to take BYU classes, or your spouse or dependents would like to take BYU classes, learn how to register here.

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The departments create the class schedule and the university publishs it online before students begin registration. The class schedule must be accurate and available before registration.

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Brigham Young University does not publish a print-copy of the class schedule. However, detailed information pertaining to a class is available online via a searchable class schedule. The class schedule is also available from MyBYU. The detailed course information available from the class schedule makes it a valuable tool...