Registration Cart

The registration cart is an optional new feature that has been added to MyMAP to help students plan ahead. Prepare for priority registration by saving classes to your cart, submitting it for processing before your priority registration date, then waiting for the date to arrive. Before midnight of your priority date, your cart will randomly be processed and all available classes from your cart will be added to your schedule.

How Does it Work?

As soon as the class schedule becomes available for a semester/term in MyMAP, you can start saving classes to your cart. The cart becomes unavailable after priority registration.

You can save any class to your cart; however, once your cart is submitted and processed the classes may not be added if (1) you have registration holds; (2) you do not meet the registration rules of the class; (3) the class is full; or (4) adding the class will exceed the maximum credit hour limit (undergraduate -- 18 per semester/9 per term; graduate -- 22 per semester/11 per term).

A few rules apply when using the cart:

  • Deadline. You MUST submit your cart before the deadline, which is 6:00pm the day before your priority registration date. (Jan 31st for Spring/Summer registration!) Look for the green "Submit" button. If you fail to submit your cart, it will not be processed, and you will have to wait until 12:00am of your priority date to manually register.

  • Editing your cart. You can edit your cart after it has been submitted up until 6:00pm the day before your priority registration date. Remember to resubmit your cart each time changes are made.

  • Maximum hours. You can save up to 30 credit hours in your cart; however, when your cart is processed you won't be registered for more than your maximum credit hour limit (undergraduate -- 18 per semester/9 per term; graduate -- 22 per semester/11 per term).

  • Waitlist. When you submit your cart, you can choose to be placed on the waitlist for all classes that are full at the time your cart is processed.

  • Multiple sections. You can only save one section of a class to the cart, unless it is an “R” suffix class (e.g. STDEV 214R) in which case you will be able to save multiple sections of the class to your cart.

  • Permission-to-add codes. Classes that require a permission-to-add code can be saved to a cart, but will not be added unless the class changes to not require codes before the cart processes.

  • Holds. You will be warned of any problems that will prevent registration at the time you save a class to the cart. You will need to take care of these issues before the deadline.

After 6:00pm the day before your priority registration day, saving to the cart becomes unavailable. All submitted carts for your particular priority registration date will be randomly processed between 6:00pm and 12:00am. If your cart is submitted by the deadline, you will receive a notification before 12:00am via YMessage. It will tell you what classes the system was able to add for you, and which ones failed along with the reason. The "History" link on the cart page will also show this information.

Normal registration will resume at 12:00am on your priority registration date. At this time you will be able to manually make changes to your schedule (add/drop classes) like usual.