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We can help if you need to request an exception to add or withdraw from a class(es) after the deadline. If you are accepted as an Evening School or Salt Lake Center student, you must petition for an exception to policy in those respective offices; or if you need to petition the Academic Support Office, Financial Aid or Scholarship, see the table below.

Initiate a Petition
Student Statement Guidelines
Instructor Comments
Documentation Guidelines
Final Checklist
Finding Out a Decision
Guest Access
Incomplete Contracts
Challenge Exam
Adding Internships After the Add/Drop Deadline
Options if unable to complete classes
Things You Can’t Petition


Initiate a Petition

University policy allows students one year to petition anything they think is incorrect on their record. However, you should file your petition as soon as you can. 

  • Click on “My Petitions”.


  • Read the disclosure statement and check all boxes that apply for the semester you are requesting.
  • Save and Continue.

Request Changes

  • Select the semester of the class(es) you are petitioning.
  • Choose the action you are requesting in the next drop-down box.
  • The department, course number, and section number will appear. Fill out these boxes and click “Search Course”.
  • The instructor information and credit hours will populate.
  • If you decide not to continue with a petition, it can be deleted here.
  • If you have additional courses, you may click “Add New Request” and a box will appear for additional class information to be filled out as above.
  • Save and continue.

Student Statement

  • Follow the bullet points under student statement guidelines to provide a statement to explain why you should be granted an exception to policy.
  • Save and continue.

Attach Files and Submit

  • Print forms to be filled out by others to support your request.
  • For a current petition, a box will appear to generate a form to take your instructor to be signed.
    • You can either scan or take a clear picture of the form.
  • Click “Attach Document” to upload documentation to support your statement.
    • Supporting documentation is very important for the success of your petition.
  • Submit petition.


Student Statement Guidelines

 Tell us the reasons for your petition in a written format. A typed statement should include:

  • Approximate date(s) when event occurred
  • Why you took no action before the deadline
  • How your situation changed after the deadline
  • How your situation impacted your academic performance
  • Why you chose these specific courses to petition
  • Make sure your statement is clear, detailed and concise (a timeline of events is helpful). 


Instructor Comments

  • For a current semester, upload the form generated on the online petition site after your instructor has signed it.
  • If you are petitioning for a past semester, Petition Services will contact the instructor for comment up to one year from enrollment.  


Documentation Guidelines


  • Your physician or counselor should fill out the Medical/Clinical Verification Form. You must fill out and sign the top of the form to release your medical records. If your physician or clinician would rather write a letter for you, they may do so. Please make sure that the statement includes the following and then upload the documentation to your petition request:
    • Date of services (should match the semester you are requesting)
    • How the injury or illness affected you
    • How long you will need to recover


  • Your employer should fill out the Employer’s Verification Form. This form tells us whether your employer changed your work schedule after the deadline(s). You should fill out and sign the top portion of the form to send this information to us. Have your employer fill out the form and upload it with your petition request.

International Students

  • You can download the International Student Clearance Form from the online petitions site. Someone in the International Student Office (1351 WSC) needs to sign it if you are requesting to drop below 12 credit hours. Once it is signed, you can upload it with your petition. 


Final Checklist

Make sure you have:

  • Filled out the online petition form including your statement on why you should receive an exception to policy.
  • Downloaded the instructor form, received your instructor’s signature, and uploaded the form (for current semester petitions only).
  • Uploaded all documentation.
  • Uploaded the International Student Clearance form if you are an international student.


Finding Out Your Decision

  • The Petition Services Committee meets twice a week to review petitions. It may take longer to review your petition if we are waiting for comments from your instructors.
  • We will send you a decision through YMessage within 3-5 business days. If we approve your petition, you will be charged $10 per class for adding or withdrawing.


How Decisions are Made

The Petition Services Committee reviews all petitions requesting exceptions to university policy.

  • You should know and comply with BYU dates and deadlines. We list them in the academic calendarcatalog, and class schedules (prior to 2010).
  • Your academic record should list all of your classes with the correct grades or withdrawals.
  • Each petition is considered individually. Your best chance of getting your petition approved is by following the steps outlined above, but this does not guarantee that your petition will be approved.
  • You are officially in your classes after the 6th day of the semester/term. If you withdraw after this day, it will show on your academic record as a “W” or an official withdrawal.
  • You may file a petition to withdraw from a class (or classes) after the withdraw deadline. However, we will need to know whether you are passing or failing by contacting your instructors. Withdraw passing shows on the record as a “W” and does not affect GPA. Withdraw failing shows on the record as “WE” and is a failing grade. 



We handle petitions through the online system only. After we review your petition, you are welcome to make an appointment with a petitions counselor to discuss your request. If you feel we did not understand your situation completely, you may submit your petition a second time with additional information.

  • The committee will read all information from your first petition again along with any additional information included with the resubmission.
  • Make sure your statement is clear, detailed, and outlines the sequence of events.
  • You may upload any documents for your resubmission petition. 


Guest Access

If you would like a third party to be able to view your petition and related communications; go to and follow the steps. To allow them to see petition information, check the “Academic” box. 


Incomplete Contracts

You may petition to extend the deadline on incomplete contracts by providing:

  • A detailed statement that explains why you couldn’t fulfill your contract including a timeline of events and dates happening after contract was granted
  • A copy of your incomplete contract
  • A statement of support from your course instructor or department uploaded to the online system
  • Any documentation to accompany your petition

If your request is approved, Petition Services will work with your instructor to get a final completion date. Your incomplete contract will be extended for a short period of time. 


Challenge Exams

You may petition to extend the one year allowed to post challenge exams by providing:

  • A detailed statement  of why you were unable to approve the exam grades within one year
  • A copy of your challenge exam
  • Any documentation, if applicable


Adding Internships After the Add/Drop Deadline

  • You may add an internship after the add/drop deadline. Work with your internship coordinator and IRAMS to have your application approved.  If the application is approved before the discontinuance deadline, an email will be sent to the Registrar's Office and you will be added to the class.  For more information go to the Internship Office website.

Options if unable to complete classes:

  Definition Timing Consequences
Withdraw You remove yourself
from the class on
MyMAP by clicking
on the “W”* to the
right of your class.
Before the
withdraw deadline
  • "W" on your transcript
  • May affect financial 
    aid, scholarships, 
    housing, athletic, or
    international student
  • $10 charge per class
Petition The process for
handling nonacademic
situations after the
withdraw deadline
through an exception
to BYU policy
After the 
withdraw deadline
  • $10 charge per class 
    and a "W" on your 
    , if approved.
  • If denied, you will 
    receive the grade
    earned which may be
    a failing grade.
Discontinuance Withdraw from
all classes
Before the
  • Many possible
    consequences, see:
  • If you withdraw from 
    your last class after
    11:59 pm the day
    before classes start, 
    a "withdrawn
    statement" will appear
    on your transcript. 
  • Visit the 
     for more
Incomplete A contract between
you and your
instructor to allow
you more time to
complete the class.

Contracts are
available in B-150
ASB after the

After the 
  • Instructor allows you
    to finish coursework
    (up to one year).
  • See Incomplete
     for more

*There is not a "medical withdraw" option.  If you withdraw from a class, it will appear as a "W" on your record, regardless of the reason.


Things You Cannot Petition:

  • To be verified as a full-time student if you are not enrolled full-time in classes.
  • To remove credit from another school from your transcript. This includes AP credit. You need to contact the other school and petition them. You may resubmit a transcript if changes are made.
  • To be reinstated if you have been dropped for tuition nonpayment. If this happens to you, you can petition to restore your classes by meeting with a OneStop Counselor. Before a petition can be started, you need to pre-pay your tuition on My Financial Center. 
  • If you believe you should have a different grade, you should first try to resolve the issue with your instructor.  To find out more on how to resolve this issue, see our Student Academic Grievance Policy.

Other offices you may need to petition are linked below:

Evening Classes
122 Harman Continuing Education Building
(801) 422-2872
Fax: (801) 422-0729

Academic Support

2500 WSC
(801) 422-2723
Petitions Process


Financial Aid

D-155 ASB
(801) 422-4104
Fax: (801) 422-0729


D-155 ASB
(801) 422-4104

Independent Study

(801) 422-2868
IS Petition form

Salt Lake Center

(801) 933-9400