How to Register

When to Register (Priority Registration)

It is your responsibility to be aware of all registration dates and deadlines.

Spring and Summer Priority Registration

Everyone has the same priority registration date for Spring and Summer. It is February 1st.

Fall and Winter Priority Registration

You can begin registering on your assigned priority registration date which is determined by the number of credit hours earned through the most recently completed semester or term. For transfer students, this includes transfer credit accepted by BYU. The dates are assigned and posted to MyMAP a few weeks before it begins and an email notice is sent.

New Freshman

If you are a New Freshman admitted to fall semester, you are randomly assigned a date for registration during the second week of June. If you have AP credit or other transfer work, but have not yet attended BYU, you are still assigned a June registration date.This includes returned missionaries who did not attend before their mission. However, for your second semester, all completed/accepted credit hours will be considered when your date is assigned.

Priority Registration Dates

Credit Hours Earned

Sprg/Sumr 2019*

Fall 2019*

Winter 2019*

Grad Students and 145+ 01 Feb 19 25 Mar 19 22 Oct 18
115+ 01 Feb 19 26 Mar 19 23 Oct 18
95+ 01 Feb 19 27 Mar 19 24 Oct 18
75+ 01 Feb 19 28 Mar 19 25 Oct 18
55+ 01 Feb 19 29 Mar 19 26 Oct 18
35+ 01 Feb 19 01 Apr 19 29 Oct 18
15+ 01 Feb 19 02 Apr 19 30 Oct 18
<15, and non-degree grads 01 Feb 19 03 Apr 19 31 Oct 18
New Freshmen 01 Feb 19 Jun 19** 31 Oct 18

* Future dates subject to change
**Exact dates TBD


Choosing Your Courses

First, you need to find the classes you want to take.

  • Browse the catalog for major requirements and course offerings. Use the class schedule to find classes using helpful filters, like time of day or instructor.

Next, go to MyMAP to plan your schedule and officially register. 

Most classes are available for online registration in MyMAP anytime through the add/drop deadline. There are some courses that always require a permission-to-add code, or starting the first day of class. This is indicated by a note in the class information.

Before Priority Registration - Cart

The registration cart is an optional feature in MyMAP to help you plan ahead. You can save class sections ahead of time to prepare for priority registration. You must submit your cart by the deadline. You can choose to be added to waitlists if classes are full. Before midnight of your priority date, your cart will randomly be processed and all available classes from your cart will be added to your schedule. If you do not meet eligibility requirements, the classes will not be added.

For help understanding and using the registration cart, visit the Registration Cart page.

Adding Classes

The Add Classes page in MyMAP allows you to search for classes you want to register for. Once you find the class you want to add, click the action links in the left-hand columns of the add-class table.






Add class to schedule

If an "A" appears, click on it to add the class to your
schedule. An "A" will not show ifyou do not meet
certain eligibilityrequirements for the class (e.g.
requires department approval, for majors only, etc.)


Save class to cart

Click the "C" to save a class to your registration cart
before priority registration. Carts are not available
after your priority registration date.


Add or audit class with
Permission-to-add code

If you have been given a code, click the "P" to enter it. 
If an instructor or department has not yet generated
permission-to-add codes, a "P" will not appear.


Add yourself to the

Click on "WL" to add yourself to the waitlist for the
class. This will display when a class is full but offering a