Graduation Application Instructions

You must have a current ecclesiastical endorsement and be enrolled in a degree seeking program in order to apply for graduation.

Your ecclesiastical endorsement must be current at the time of your graduation.

There are four ways to access your Ecclesiastical Endorsement:

  • – click on “Student”
  • myBYU page > Campus Links – click on “School”, scroll down and click on “Student Endorsement”
  • MyMAP – (beneath profile picture) click on question mark in Endorsement Box – click on “Student
  • On the Graduation Website, go to “How to Apply for Graduation.”#2 has a link – ecclesiastical endorsement.#3 has a link “online graduation application” which brings up a link “Request an Endorsement.”

After selecting “Student”, choose the option that describes your current status:

  • MISSIONARY/OTHER (this choice includes former students who are not currently enrolled at BYU or students completing their degree off campus eg. Independent Study)

When filling out the application, only graduations covered under the current ecclesiastical endorsement will appear.

 If you have missed the application deadline for an upcoming graduation not listed in the drop down menu, a new ecclesiastical endorsement must be submitted. Once the completed and cleared endorsement has been received electronically from the bishop and/or stake president, the application for graduation can be resubmitted immediately.

If you are in a non-degree seeking program, please contact your advisement center before applying for graduation.

If you do not graduate within 8 years of your first enrollment at BYU, you may be required to do additional work in your major and GE program.



Step 1: Create Graduation Application

Click here to access the Graduation Application

Using the drop-down box, select the graduation term (e.g. April 20XX) that you wish to apply for. Once the appropriate graduation date has been selected, click on the "Create Graduation Application" link.

Once you have selected the "Create Graduation Application" link, a new screen will open in your browser.

Step 2: Confirm Graduation Date

The Application Status box displays the graduation date you are currently applying for. If this date is wrong, the drop-down box located on the right will allow you to correct it. For example, you currently have an April 20XX graduation date. If you need to apply for August 20XX graduation, select the new graduation date and press "GO".

Note: If your application status reads "Inactive", you must declare a graduation from the drop-down list next to the "Graduate Date". Drop-down list graduation dates show only when covered by an active ecclesiastical endorsement. Failing to update an "Inactive" application status by declaring a graduation date from the drop-down list will result in an incomplete application and no degree will be awarded.

Application Status Meanings (as displayed in the "Current Status" field):

  1. New - No graduation date has been submitted to the advisement center for acceptance
  2. Submitted to Advisement Center - Application has been submitted to the primary major advisement center for acceptance
  3. Submitted to Education Advisement Center - Application has been approved by the primary major advisement center and is waiting for acceptance by the education advisement center (Teacher licensure majors only)
  4. Inactive - The application has expired and is no longer valid
  5. Completed - A degree has posted for this application

Step 3: Graduation Fee

All students applying for graduation must pay a one-time $15.00 graduation fee. This step in the process simply informs you that a one-time $15.00 fee will be charged to your student account upon submission of the graduation application.

Step 4: Diploma Name

This step allows you to type your name exactly as you would like it to appear on your diploma. The graduation application will automatically display the name currently on your BYU records. However, you may choose to change the way your name appears. 

Please note: legal names, names closely resembling legal names, or legitimate nicknames may be used. These names may also be placed in quotes and/or parenthesis. The university registrar reserves the right to deny any inappropriate names. Do not use all caps.

If you have special characters in your name, such as diacritical marks, please check the box "my name needs special characters" and inform BYU Graduation Services (B-150 ASB,

Step 5: Mailing Address

This step allows you to verify the mailing address your diploma will be sent to. Note: This is the mailing address currently listed on your Route Y account. You are responsible for ensuring that your mailing address on your Route Y remains current as this is the mailing address diploma will be sent to. Should you need to change/update your mailing address during the application process, click the link.

Step 6: Honors Thesis

If you are planning on completing an honors thesis for the University Honors Program, select the appropriate box in this section. (Additional undergraduate majors/minors cannot be added after degree posting has occured.)

Step 7: Submit Application

Once all appropriate information has been entered, select the “submit application” link. You will be asked to confirm your submission and the $15.00 application fee.

Note: After your application has been submitted, you will be required to contact your College Advisement Center to finish the application process or make any changes to your graduation date or programs. 

Please ensure that all the information on the confirmation screen is correct.  You will receive an e-mail indicating that your application has been submitted to your college advisement center.  The e-mail will include important information regarding your graduation application. In addition, your graduation application will have important information for you to read in the "Please Read" section. You can return to the application to see updates on your application status.