Grade Changes

Grade Changes for Historical Semesters
Grade Change FAQ's


Grade Changes for Historical Semesters

After grade processing is complete, you can change grades online in the grade roll by following these steps:

  1. Login to MyBYU.
  2. In the Campus Links box, select Work.
  3. Select Grade Rolls.
  4. Select the semester by clicking on Year Term in the upper left corner.
  5. Select Roll for the class needed.
  6. Select students by checking the box in the left column, or click Select All.
  7. Click Change Grades.
  8. All the students selected will appear on the next screen along with the grade change policy.
  9. For each student, select the new grade and the reason for the change using the drop-down menus.
  10. Click Submit. An email will be sent to both the person making the grade change and the primary instructor for the class.

For detailed instructions, see the pdf under related content. 

You can make a grade change for the following reasons:

  • Calculation error in computing the grade
  • Posting the wrong grade to the grade roll
  • Changing a T grade
  • Posting a grade if no grade roll was submitted (NS)
  • Re-evaluation of completed work with no additional work submitted

If your reason is not listed, or you have other grade-related questions, call us at 801-422-6567.


Grade Change FAQ's

Who can change grades for a class once it has become historical?

Can Make Grade Changes

Cannot Make Grade Changes

  • Primary Instructors
  • Team Instructors
  • Supervisors
  • Department Chairs
  • Associate Dean over Grades
  • Deans
  • Grade Contacts
  • Grade Monitors
  • Grading Assistants
  • Teaching Assistants

I am in my grade roll but there is no grade change column. Why?

The semester may not be historical yet, or you may not have access to change grades for that class.

How long do I have to change grades?

You can change a grade any time after a semester becomes historical. Please change grades promptly, especially those submitted as NS grades.

Can I change T grades for multiple semesters?

Yes. You can change multiple semesters for 699R and 799R classes. Go into one semester of that class and select "Changing a T grade" as the reason.  You will be asked if you want to change the grade for that semester only or all of the T grades for that class.

How will I know if an unauthorized grade change has been made?

You will get an email any time a grade change is made in your grade roll.