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Curriculum Handbook

This handbook is for the use of the University Curriculum Council, deans, college curriculum committees, department chairs, department curriculum coordinators, and faculty. It is a compilation of policies and procedural standards relating to curriculum matters that provides essential information to those working with the curriculum at all levels. It should be used in conjunction with the official BYU undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

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        Handbook (PDF)


Additional Policy

Evening Classes Policy


Kuali Curriculum Management

Access Kuali Curriculum Management here.


Introductory Video:

This video will provide an introduction to Kuali CM. Here are some timeline topics:

0:00 - Intro
0:27 - Course Proposals
2:46 - Program Proposals
3:20 - Other Proposals
5:01 - Action List
5:10 - User Settings


Curriculum Forms

The majority of curriculum changes at BYU are proposed through Kuali CM. Graduate program changes are proposed using the follow form:

Program Request

The following form is available for minimum enrollment exception requests.

Request for Minimum Enrollment Exception in Evening Classes


Instructions for editing program MAPs


When Taught

Instructions for editing When Taught listings


Degree Code Lists

Degree code lists provide program codes, CIP codes, and more.

2018-2019 Current Codes Listed Alpha
2018-2019 Current Codes Listed by College
2018-2019 Current Codes Listed by College - Graduate Programs
2018-2019 All Codes Listed Alpha
2018-2019 All Codes Listed by College