Class Rolls and Scheduling Screens


Class Rolls

Official class rolls can be found through the Instructor Schedule page in AIM (CLS05). The following information can be found on the Class Roll:

  • Picture Roll - name and picture
  • Spreadsheet - class roll in Excel spreadsheet
  • Export - class roll with email and net ID
  • Assignment Class Roll (printable) - PDF format of class roll
  • Waitlist - link to waitlist for class
  • Options to email class or selected students

Only instructors and supervisors who are listed on the class in AIM have access to the class roll.


Class Scheduling AIM Screens

  • Class Schedule Proof (CLS01) is a sortable class schedule by department or teaching area.
  • Course Offering (CLS02) is the class schedule information listed by course.
  • Department Course Summary (CLS03) is a summary of course enrollments by department or teaching area.
  • Contact Class Roll (CLS04) is a class roll with options for pictures, an excel spreadsheet, an export option, and a printable PDF format of the roll. It also contains a link to generate Permission-to-add codes and to the Waitlist for the class.
  • Instructor Schedule (CLS05) shows the teaching schedule of an instructor with a weekly chart.
  • Classroom Information (CLS08) shows classroom schedule, pictures, characteristics, priority assignment, and final exam schedule.
  • Room Search (CLS12) allows for queries to find open class periods by building, room, time, day, and capacity.
  • Exam Department Schedule (CLS16) is a list of final exams by teaching area. Classes not shown on this list do not have an in-class final exam.
  • Exam Instructor Schedule (CLS18) shows an instructor's list of final exam times and locations.