Challenge & Exemption Exams

You can complete some University Core requirements by taking an Exemption or Challenge Exam. Challenge Exams carry credit and a grade while Exemption Exams only fill a requirement. Refer to the University Catalog for more information.

Challenge Exams

Procedure for Challenge Exam

You may request to challenge any course currently offered, but each department will have the final say on if they will allow the challenge or not. 

  1. Contact the right department to know how to take the exam.
  2. Fill out the Challenge Exam form from the department or from Records and Registration.
  3. Arrange with the department to take the exam.
  4. Pay the $20 course fee at OneStop Student Services and have the form validated there.
  5. Give your validated form to the department examiner.
  6. The examiner writes the grade and credit on the form and gets the necessary department signatures.
  7. After you see the grade, you can decide which credit you would like us to post to your transcript.
    • You will need to sign the Challenge Examination Form, and the department will send the form to Records.
    • You have a limited time to ask to receive credit for your grade.
    • Each department chooses the time limit, which must be 1 year or less.
  8. If you enroll in a class and then pass its Challenge Exam, you must also drop the course.
    • If you drop the class after the add/drop deadline, you will receive a W on your transcript.
    • If you do not drop the class before the withdraw deadline, your instructor’s grade will appear on the transcript.

Exemption Exams

Exemption exams fulfill a GE requirement, but do not give college credit or affect your GPA. Currently, the Physical Science department offers an exemption exam for PHYS 100. You may contact that department or the Testing Center (265 HGB) to get more information on the procedure for taking the exam.