Challenge Exams

You can complete some University Core requirements by taking an Exemption or Challenge Exam. Challenge Exams carry credit and a grade while Exemption Exams only fill a requirement. Refer to the University Catalog for more information. 


Students may request to earn credit through a challenge examination if they are currently enrolled or have completed a BYU course other than through the Department of Independent Study AND they are not currently suspended from BYU. Once students have graduated, they are not eligible for challenging any additional credit at BYU unless it is specific to the graduate program for which the students have been admitted.
*Although students may request to challenge a course(s) for credit, individual departments determine whether or not an examination exists and/or will be offered.

Part 1 (Before the Exam)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Request Challenge Exam”
  3. Select Teaching Area from drop-down list
  4. Select Course(s) from drop-down list
  5. Check box agreeing to the examination fee (student will only have to pay the $20 fee if exam is approved)
  6. Submit Request
  7. Check YMessage (message will be sent when the exam is approved/denied)
    *OR check under “Exam Status” tab
  8. If/When approved, pay the $20 fee (charged to student account-My Financial Center)
  9. Contact specific department and/or testing center for instructions on how, when, and where to take exam

Part 2 (After the Exam)

  1. Check YMessage (notification will be sent when exam has been graded)
  2. Click on link in YMessage (brings student to to see the grade of his/her exam)
  3. Under Transcript Action column select "Post to Transcript" or "Discard Grade"
  4. Grade will appear on transcript within 24 hours (ONLY if a student already has BYU credit on transcript)

If you have any questions, please contact us at 801-422-2631 or send us a YMessage

For information about the dean/department chair procedure for challenge exams, see Challenge Exams for Departments

Less Commonly Taught Languages

If you would like to test for a less commonly taught language, please contact the FLATS department