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Secondary Education

The Discipline

The Department of Teacher Education provides a program which licenses secondary teachers for the public schools. In addition to content courses in the field(s) in which they plan to teach, students complete professional education courses and practicum experiences which prepare them to teach in a secondary school setting.

Career Opportunities

Secondary education teacher.

Teaching Majors

The following is a list of teaching majors and minors offered jointly with the Department of Teacher Education and other academic departments throughout the university. For specific major course requirements, see the department offering the teaching major or minor. For licensure requirements, refer to Education Student Services, 350 MCKB, (801) 422-3426.

Teaching Majors and Composite Teaching Majors

(Hours listed include courses taken to fill both major and licensure requirements.)

Teaching Minors

Professional Education Requirements

All teacher candidates in secondary education complete an approved sequence of required professional education courses. Please see the appropriate department listing for each teaching major.

FBI Fingerprint and Background Check

All candidates for teacher licensure are required by state statute to be fingerprinted and pass an FBI background check before participating in required field experiences. Fingerprints are taken in Education Student Services (ESS) in 350 MCKB. FBI background clearance is valid for only three years. If clearance expires before graduation, candidates must repeat the fingerprinting and clearance process, including new fee payments.

Failing to expunge a police record prior to the background check may result in a blocked registration while a state panel reviews the charges. Candidates who cannot pass an FBI background check will be removed from the teacher education licensure program.

Licensing Requirements

Only students graduating with a teaching major will be recommended for a Utah State teacher license. Students who also complete a teaching minor will have the appropriate endorsement listed on their teacher license by the Utah State Office of Education. No student can receive a teacher license by completing only a teaching minor without also completing a teaching major.

It is the student's responsibility to be sure the approved PRAXIS II tests have been taken and passed, that BYU has received the test scores, that fingerprint background clearance is current prior to graduation, and state licensing fees have been paid. Students will also be responsible for any additional requirements imposed by the state prior to their graduation. To confirm the status of these requirements contact Education Student Services, 350 MCKB, (801) 422-3426. Graduation and Utah licensure cannot be processed until these requirements have been completed. For additional requirements see the following:

Student Teaching Prerequisites
  1. Teaching Major & Teaching Minor. Complete all teaching major and teaching minor requirements. Grades below C- in professional education courses and content courses will not be accepted in the teaching major or teaching minor. Teacher candidates must have a cumulative 2.85 GPA in teaching major and teaching minor courses to qualify for student teaching.
  2. Application. Apply for student teaching at Education Student Services. Packets are available online at
Licensing Procedures

Students are responsible for keeping Education Student Services informed of their progress toward licensure.

To avoid undue licensing delay, students are urged to arrange for a personal review of their licensing records well in advance of registering for their final semester. See Education Student Services, 350 MCKB and