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BA in Asian Studies: China Studies Emphasis
(50–70 hours*)

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  1. Courses cannot be double counted between the different requirement sections in the major.
  2. There is a strong expectation that majors will do work in Asia via Study Abroad, internships, etc.
  3. Complete the following core courses:
  4. Complete one course from the following:
  5. Complete the following core course:
      ASIAN 495 : Senior Seminar. (1:Arr:0)(Credit Hours:Lecture Hours:Lab Hours)
      WHEN TAUGHT:Fall; Winter; Spring; Summer
      PREREQUISITE: Senior status or program coordinator's consent.
      DESCRIPTION: Learning research and writing skills necessary to prepare and present major senior research paper.
      NOTE: Most all major requirements should be completed before registering for this course.

      Course Outcomes

  6. Complete the following history core courses (history core courses cannot be double counted as electives):
  7. Complete the required courses for the Language Certificate in Chinese and take the OPI and WPT assessments. These assessments must be done on the BYU campus, and must be completed before graduation. See for complete details. Complete the following:

    Note: Chin 344 and 345R cannot be double counted as electives.

  8. Complete 18 hours from the following elective courses (no more than 6 hours may be selected from any one department):

    Other electives: If approved beforehand, up to 9 hours of 330R or 399R credit may be counted for overseas work done under one of the following: Study Abroad, internships, mentored research, or independent field studies.

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.

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