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Andrew L. Holmes, Chair
640A TNRB, (801) 422-3762

Colby Wright, Associate Chair
610A TNRB, (801) 422-1224

Marriott School of Management Advisement Center
460 TNRB, (801) 422-4285

Admission to Degree Program

The degree program carries special enrollment limitations. Please see the Marriott School of Management Advisement Center for specific details.

The Discipline

The finance field deals with the control, management, and allocation of financial resources. Primary functions include project evaluation, asset allocation, security analysis, and cash flow estimation.

Career Opportunities

Finance careers can be divided into two primary areas: 1) corporate finance, which deals with the internal financial issues of a business firm, and 2) financial services, which focuses on solving financial problems for client firms. Finance is a high-demand, high-reward field with significant professional opportunities for motivated students.

Undergraduate Programs and Degrees

For help or information on the undergraduate program, please see the Marriott School of Management Advisement Center.

For information on management degrees, see the Management section of this catalog.