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College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

N-181 ESC
(801) 422-2674

Dean: Scott D. Sommerfeldt, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Associate Dean: Bart J. Kowallis, Professor, Geological Sciences
Associate Dean: Thomas W. Sederberg, Professor, Computer Science

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences consists of seven departments:

    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Computer Science
    Geological Sciences
    Mathematics Education
    Physics and Astronomy

Freshmen who are interested in the physical and mathematical sciences but are undecided about a specific major are encouraged to register for one or more of the following science fundamentals core courses: Chem 111 or 105; C S 124 or 142; Geol 101 or 111; Math 112 or 113; MthEd 117; Phscs 121; Stat 121 or 151.

College Advisement Center

Shane M. Jorgenson, Director
Darlene Willey, Assistant Director
N-181 ESC, (801) 422-2674

The advisement center provides information and help on registration, graduation requirements, policies and procedures, fields of study, changes of major, and many other aspects of the college's academic life.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor's degrees are offered in actuarial science, applied physics, biochemistry, chemistry, chemistry education, computer science, earth and space science education, geology, mathematics, mathematics education, physical science teaching, physics, physics-astronomy, physics teaching, and statistics.

The master of science degree is offered in biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, physics, and statistics. The master of arts degree is available in mathematics education. The doctor of philosophy degree is offered in biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and physics/astronomy.

See specific departmental sections of this catalog for baccalaureate degree requirements. Graduate programs are detailed in the 2014-2015 BYU Graduate Catalog.