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Student Development Courses

Tyler R. Pedersen, Chair
2516 WSC (801) 422-6291

Counseling and Career Center
2518 WSC, (801) 422-6291

Student development courses are offered by clinical faculty from the Counseling and Career Center, academic advisors from the University Advisement Center and other areas of campus, as well as by professionals in their respective fields. Courses offered in student development are intended to help BYU students with their educational, career, and personal development. When a student enrolls in a student development course they increase their ability to:

  1. Raise their grade point average (GPA)
  2. Manage their time
  3. Be an effective decision maker
  4. Improve performance on exams with better test-taking skills
  5. Make reading a meaningful experience
  6. Handle the notetaking challenge
  7. Create strategies to deal with the expectations found in college
  8. Explore and identify a major that is suited to their interests, values, and plans
  9. Face the university experience with greater confidence
  10. Recognize their developing personality and strengths
  11. Grow in personal development as a college student
  12. Develop personal awareness