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Independent Study

John Taylor, Director
128 MORC
(801) 422-2868

Independent Study is a distance education program of BYU intended to serve students anytime, anywhere. Through Independent Study, BYU offers 200 university-level credit online courses, providing a practical and flexible solution for students with scheduling constraints. Our flexible solution assists working students, armed forces personnel, teachers, and others who may need courses that accomodate their individual schedules. The courses are available online and require Internet access. Students have the option to purchase a printed course readings packet.

Up to 36 semester hours of work completed through BYU Independent Study can be applied toward a bachelor's degree from BYU. Many students wanting to complete a degree they started at BYU can take Independent Study courses to fulfill the course/credit requirements of the Bachelors of General Studies (BGS) program, which can be found at

BYU Independent Study also offers 200 high school-level courses, more than 20 middle school courses, and 50 free courses for personal development, remediation, and enrichment.

Students may register for an Independent Study course at any time during the year and have up to one year to complete a course, although most do so in less time. The online catalog is accessible at A printed version of the catalog is also available without charge from the Department of Independent Study (120 MORC). A complete list of available courses, the current tuition and fees, and enrollment policies and procedures are found in the online and printed versions of the catalog.