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2013 - 2014

Construction Management

Kevin Miller, Program Coordinator
230 SNLB, (801) 422-2021

Admission to Degree Program

Admission to the construction management (CM) preprofessional program is open to all BYU students. Students may then apply for the professional program. An application to the professional program must be submitted upon completion of required prerequisite courses (Stat 121, Acc 200, Eng T 231, Math 111, and CM 105). Along with the application, the candidate should send a resumé and a letter indicating why he or she would like to major in construction management, including in it a paragraph explaining the candidate's intentions for fulfilling the required 300 hours of construction-related work. Applicants will be evaluated based on GPA, work experience, and leadership.

Program application deadlines are August 1, December 1, and April 1. Upon acceptance into the professional level, students are required to attend one spring term, and enroll in CM courses.

The Discipline

Construction management is the business of managing projects. It is a rapidly growing field that requires technical expertise and the ability to work with people, and there is increasing demand in the industry for capable graduates. Construction management offers an exciting career that requires abilities in business management, architecture, engineering, and construction technology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Lead the construction process from inception to closeout.
  • Construct sustainable projects that require fewer resources to build and operate during the lifecycle of the project.
  • Build projects more efficiently while maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Communicate with and understand the concerns of designers, owners, trade contractors, and building officials.
  • The ability to use cutting-edge construction tools to effectively build and manage construction projects.
  • Maintain high moral and ethical standards.
  • Desire and pursue lifelong learning and service.
  • Support worthwhile causes for the benefit of mankind.

Career Opportunities

The program has had nearly 100 percent placement within the construction industry. Graduates find employment in a variety of construction-industry-related positions. Typical position titles are superintendent, estimator, scheduler, field engineer, general contractor, safety engineer, project manager, procurement manager, project engineer, cost controller, project controller, site analyst, etc.

Alumni find they are qualified for employment in all types of construction. It is a broad-based program that provides the training and experience needed for several occupational opportunities.

This major is also excellent preparation for students desiring graduate study in architecture, business management, or construction law.

General Information

High School Preparation

Recommended high school courses include drafting, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, and construction, along with the other courses necessary for admittance to BYU.

Prearchitecture Program

Brigham Young University does not have an architecture program, but construction management provides an excellent preparatory program for a master's degree in architecture. Consult with the School of Technology advisor concerning a prearchitecture program.

Special Notice

Students receiving C– or lower grades in required courses will be placed on department probationary status.