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2013 - 2014

BA in American Studies
(51 hours*)

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  1. Students can complete the Advanced Written and Oral Communication requirement by taking Engl 311, 312, 314, 315, or 316 according to individual academic direction. Those interested in graduate work are urged to take the Hist 200, 490 option.
  2. Majors should begin course work in the major by taking AmSt 303 fall semester of the sophomore or (at latest) junior year, followed by Am St 304.
  3. Complete the following required courses:
  4. Complete the following required American Studies core courses:
  5. Complete ten courses (30 hours) from the following:
  6. Note 1: Engl 358R and 395R, as well as the humanities courses, must be topics in an American subject.

    Note 2: Course substitutions may be made only with written, prior permission of the American Studies coordinator.

    Note 3: Students may substitute up to six credit hours of approved internship credit for up to six hours of American Studies electives, including Washington, D.C. seminar credits.

  7. Complete the following during the senior year before graduation:
      AM ST 490 : Senior Capstone. (3:3:0)(Credit Hours:Lecture Hours:Lab Hours)
      AM ST 490 : Senior Capstone. (3:3:0)(Credit Hours:Lecture Hours:Lab Hours)
      WHEN TAUGHT:Fall; Winter
      PREREQUISITE: AM ST 303 & AM ST 304; Senior status or program coordinator's consent.
      DESCRIPTION: In-depth review of American Studies theories, methods, and criticism; content varies; requires original research and substantial writing of paper intended for publication.

      Course Outcomes

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.

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