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2013 - 2014


Discontinuance Office
D-148 ASB
(801) 422-7705

Discontinuance is defined as withdrawing from ALL classes for the current semester or term. A student who discontinues is no longer considered to be currently enrolled. Note: Newly admitted students (new freshman, transfer, and former students) who are discontinuing from the semester or term they were admitted will lose their admission status and will need to reapply to attend a future semester. Students should contact a Discontinuance Counselor in D-148 ASB about being readmitted.

Continuing students who discontinue from a non-consecutive major semester (fall or winter) will have that semester counted as a leave of absence. (For more information, see the Leave of Absence section of this catalog). Discontinuance may also have an impact on other areas of campus where students are required to be enrolled in a certain number of credit hours, such as:

  • housing
  • financial aid
  • scholarships
  • Student Health Center
  • employment
  • counseling services
  • computer lab
  • exercise facilities

The Discontinuance Counselors in D-148 ASB are available to consult with students or parents regarding these issues.

The discontinuance process includes the following:

  1. Before the add deadline, students may discontinue by dropping all their classes online through MyMAP in MyBYU.
  2. After the add deadline, students must discontinue by submitting the Request for Discontinuance form available from the Discontinuance Office at D-148 ASB or the discontinuance website (
  3. If discontinuing after the withdraw deadline, students will need to obtain signatures from their instructors indicating withdraw passing (W) or withdraw failing (WE).
  4. Once the Request for Discontinuance form is completed and submitted to the Discontinuance Office (D-148 ASB), the student will be withdrawn from classes.
  5. After the discontinuance deadline, if non-academic circumstances arise, students may work with their instructors to get an incomplete contract. (See information about incompletes in the Grading section of this catalog.) If a student desires to discontinue after the deadline, it will be necessary to file a petition (see
Please Note
  • Discontinuance on or after the first day of class will result in a withdraw date being posted on the student's transcript.
  • International or multicultural students must obtain clearance from International Services and/or Multicultural Student Services (respectively) before discontinuing.
  • Students admitted only for evening classes or as a BGS student must discontinue through the Office of Evening Classes (120 HCEB, 801-422-2872).
  • Students admitted to the Salt Lake Center should discontinue through the Salt Lake Center office (801-933-9400, 345 W. North Temple, 3 Triad Center, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84180).
  • Law School students must initiate their discontinuance through the office of the Law School dean, 348-A JRCB.
  • Students who leave the university under emergency conditions and subsequently do not return are still responsible to discontinue before the discontinuance deadline. They should contact the Discontinuance Office (D-148 ASB) as soon as possible.