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2012 - 2013

BFA in Animation (68–71 hours)

This is a limited-enrollment program requiring departmental admissions approval. Please see the department office for information regarding requirements for admission to this major.

The BFA in animation is an interdisciplinary degree offered by the College of Fine Arts and Communications through the cooperative involvement of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts and the Department of Visual Arts and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences' Computer Science Department.

Application deadline: June 8 after completing CSAnm 150, VAAnm 131, and VAAnm 160.

Program Requirements    |    View MAP

  1. Complete the following premajor courses:
  2. Obtain acceptance into the animation BFA program.
  3. Pass portfolio review during the sophomore year.
  4. Complete the following foundation courses:
  5. Complete one course from the following:
  6. Complete the following:
  7. Complete one course from the following:
  8. Complete three courses from the following:

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