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2012 - 2013

BA in Media Arts Studies
(51 hours*)

This is a limited-enrollment program requiring departmental admissions approval. Please see the college advisement center for information regarding requirements for admission to this program.

The media arts studies program produces students with a strong liberal arts foundation that can be used effectively in a variety of film-related careers or graduate studies. Graduates are generalists with skills and proficiencies that can be used in multiple venues including emerging media environments. Students master knowledge of film culture, history, and theory; develop general and specialized skills sets; and utilize processes that integrate professional practices, generate creative applications to new situations, and support collaboration in multiple settings. Core curriculum of critical studies develops analytical skills and creates a foundation for application and experimentation; a range of electives allows additional emphasis in critical studies, fiction or non-fiction production, or other specialized areas.

Program Requirements    |    View MAP

  1. Complete the following pre-media arts course with a B grade or better:
  2. Be admitted to the program by application. (See the department office, D-581 HFAC.)
  3. Complete the following foundation courses:
  4. Complete the following media arts core courses:
  5. Complete one of the following advanced critical studies courses:
  6. Complete a minimum of 20 credit hours (14 must be upper-division) from faculty advisor-approved courses in an area of study. These areas of study must be approved in writing by the student's faculty advisor before enrollment occurs. Please contact the department for possible study areas. Up to eight hours of 370R/384R practica can be used to fill this requirement.

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.

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