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Undergraduate Catalog

2012 - 2013

Center for Language Studies

Ray T. Clifford, Director
3086 JFSB, (801) 422-1201

College of Humanities Advisement Center
1175 JFSB, (801) 422-4789

General Information

To make the exceptional foreign language capabilities of BYU available to a large audience, the Center for Language Studies offers a variety of language courses during the summer term (mid-June to mid-August) as well as during the academic year.

Summer intensive courses include:

Advanced language/culture courses for returned missionaries (and others of comparable ability), especially in less commonly taught languages. Some of these courses will fulfill the general education language requirement.

Foundation courses covering the equivalent of a full academic year of study in a major language.

Students may earn up to two semesters of academic language credit for an intensive summer course. Students need not be regular BYU students to enroll and receive credit during the summer term. Student demand and availability of qualified faculty determine which languages are taught each summer.

Interested students and potential adjunct faculty are requested to register their desires to participate in summer programs as early as possible by completing the survey form on the center's Web page,, or by contacting the office at 3086 JFSB.

Language and culture courses for returned missionaries (see departmental pages for additional language courses):

Note: Some of the following courses are designated as "culminating courses" to fulfill the general education language requirement. Returned missionaries should receive advice from the relevant department when multiple classes in the language of their interest are listed.

Academic-year courses include two categories:
  • Established courses taught as regular daytime classes.

  • On-demand courses that are taught if sufficient student demand and qualified teachers are available. Enrollment in these courses is generally through the Division of Continuing Education, Evening Classes. Most of the less commonly taught languages are listed under the general title Foreign Language (FLang).
Courses offered:

Department of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature
Dansh 340.
   Finn 340.
   Iclnd 429.
   Norwe 340.
   Swed 340.

Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages
Cant 202.
   Chin 112, 201, 202.
   Japan 300, 302.
   Korea 301.

Department of French and Italian
Fren 321.
   Ital 321.

Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages
   Germ 330.
   Russ 330.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Port 321.
   Span 321.

Center for Language Studies
   Bulgn 330.
   Czech 330.
   Dutch 340.
   Hung 330.
   Polsh 330.
   Rom 340.
   Sln 330.
   SrbCr 330.
   Ukrai 330.

Center for Language Studies

The center offers the following courses—often in collaboration with language departments—depending on demand and availability of qualified faculty. The number and types of classes vary. (Students should check with their major advisement center to determine whether the class offered fulfills the GE Foreign Language requirement.)

  Afrikaans Hawaiian Persian
  Akan Hebrew Polish
  Albanian Hindi Portuguese
  Arabic Hmong Quechua
  Armenian Hungarian Rorotongan
  Aymara Icelandic Romanian
  Basque Ilangot Russian
  Bicolano Ilocano Samoan
  Bulgarian Ilomggo Serbian
  Burmese Indonesian Slovenian
  Cakchiquel Italian Spanish
  Cambodian Japanese Swahili
  Cantonese Javanese Swedish
  Catalan Kazakh Tagalog
  Cebuano K'iche Tahitian
  Croatian Korean Taiwanese
  Czech Laotian Tamil
  Danish Latin Thai
  Dari Latvian Tibetan
  Dutch Lithuanian Tongan
  Estonian Malagasy Trukese
  Fijian Malay Turkish
  Finnish Mandarin Twi
  French Maori Ukrainian
  Ga Marshallese Urdu
  Georgian Maya Vanuatau
  German Mongolian Vietnamese
  Greek (Classical) Navajo Waray-Waray
  Greek (Modern) Niuean Welsh
  Guarani Norwegian Xhosa
  Haitian Creole Pashto

Less commonly taught languages listed under the general title FLang 330R may also fulfill the GE Foreign Language requirement.

While enrolled in an approved culminating language course that fulfills the foreign language general education requirement, returned missionaries and others with comparable skills may receive additional graded credit by examination for classes leading to the level of the culminating course (up to an additional 16 credit hours). In some cases, up to 12 credit hours may be earned by examination without taking the culminating course, but all such credit will be pass/fail credit. An examination once taken for pass/fail credit cannot be retaken or reevaluated for graded credit. Contact the Humanities Technology and Research Support Center for information about these examinations. All language credit earned by enrollment on campus will be graded.