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2012 - 2013

BA in Asian Studies: Korea Studies Emphasis
(54–71 hours*)

Program Requirements    |    View MAP

  1. Courses cannot be double counted between the different requirement sections in the major.
  2. Complete the GE languages of learning requirement in Korean.
  3. There is a strong expectation that majors will do work in Asia via Study Abroad, internships, etc.
  4. Complete the following core courses:
  5. Complete one course from the following:
  6. Complete the following core course:
  7. Complete the following history core courses (history core courses cannot be double counted as electives):
  8. Complete the following language courses:
  9. Complete 21 hours from the following elective courses (no more than 9 hours may be selected from any one department):

    Other electives: If approved beforehand, up to 9 hours of 330R or 399R credit may be counted for overseas work done under one of the following: Study Abroad, internships, mentored research, or independent field studies.

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.

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