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2012 - 2013

Minor in Geology Teaching (16 hours)

This minor is designed to prepare students to teach in public schools. A teaching minor may only be received by students graduating with a teaching major. In order to graduate with this minor, students are required to complete Utah State Office of Education licensing requirements. To view these requirements go to or contact Education Student Services, 120 MCKB, (801) 422-3426.

Program Requirements

  1. When all of the geology credit required for a minor is transferred from another school, at least one course in geology must be taken at BYU.
  2. Grades below C- in professional education courses or content courses will not be accepted in the teaching major or teaching minor. Teacher candidates must have a cumulative 2.85 GPA in teaching major and teaching minor courses to qualify for student teaching.
  3. Complete the following:
  4. Complete eight hours from the following:

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