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Undergraduate Catalog

2012 - 2013

Marriott School of Management

730 TNRB
(801) 422-4121

Dean: Gary C. Cornia, Professor, Public Management
Associate Dean: James D. Stice, Professor, Accounting
Associate Dean: Michael P. Thompson, Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership and Strategy

Academic Departments

    School of Accountancy
    Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
    Business Management
    Information Systems
    Military Science (Army ROTC)
    Organizational Leadership and Strategy
    Romney Institute of Public Management
    Recreation Management

Management Advisement Center

Brent D. Wilson, Director
460 TNRB
(801) 422-5251

Advisors are prepared to assist undergraduate students in successfully completing university, college, and major requirements. Students are encouraged to meet frequently with their advisors. Center personnel are available to help with registration, graduation requirements, fields of study, changes in major, and transfer evaluation, as well as to clarify policies and procedures.

Undergraduate Programs

Five undergraduate degrees are offered by the Marriott School of Management. The first is a bachelor's degree in management, which provides a broad management education. The program is designed to assist students in acquiring knowledge, insight, maturity, competence, and a strong sense of moral and ethical character. An area of emphasis may be taken by students seeking specialization. These areas include marketing, global supply chain, strategy, organizational behavior/human resources, entrepreneurship, and general business.

The second bachelor's degree is offered by the School of Accountancy to students seeking to combine accounting skills with broad management education (see the School of Accountancy section of this catalog for details). Accounting students interested in acquiring in-depth specialization or seeking careers in public accounting are encouraged to apply to the Master of Accountancy Program.

The third bachelor's degree is offered by the Information Systems Department to students seeking to combine information systems skills with broad management education (see the Information Systems section of this catalog for details). Students interested in acquiring in-depth specialization in information systems are encouraged to apply to the Master of Information Systems Management Program.

The fourth bachelor's degree is offered by the Recreation Management Department to students desiring a service-oriented profession that strengthens individuals, families, and communities by providing quality recreation programs. Students can choose between an emphasis in experience management or therapeutic recreation. A minor in nonprofit management is also available. Courses prepare students in the areas of leadership skills, program development and management, budgeting and finance, facilities management, and current issues in the recreation profession.

The fifth bachelor's degree is offered by the Finance Department. The finance field deals with the control, management, and allocation of financial resources. Finance careers can be divided into two primary areas: 1) corporate finance, which deals with the financial problems of a business firm and 2) financial services, which focuses on solving financial problems for client firms. Finance is a high-demand, high-reward field with significant professional opportunities for motivated students.

Graduation Application for Bachelor's Degree

When a student has completed 86–96 earned hours (usually during the junior year), he or she should apply for graduation at the Marriott School of Management Advisement Center.

Graduate Programs

The Marriott School of Management offers the following graduate degrees:

    MAcc    Professional Accountancy
    MAcc    Tax
    MBA      Business Administration
    MISM    Information Systems Management
    MPA      Public Administration
    MS       Youth and Family Recreation

Individual program brochures are available from the Marriott School of Management, 730 TNRB, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602-3113. Also, refer to the BYU 2012–2013 Graduate Catalog.