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Welcome to the BYU University Catalog

Navigating the catalog

Here are some pointers about how to navigate through this new web-based university catalog.

Three Searching Options

There are three ways to find the information you are looking for. Each one is tailored for a different need:

  • Organization
    If you simply want to browse through different colleges and departments, use the "Colleges" menu under "Academic Information" to navigate through the catalog. Then use the different options listed on the left side to move from department to department and from major to major.

  • QuickSearch
    If you know some key words for a specific area of study, use the QuickSearch in the top-right corner. As you begin typing, specific departments, majors, etc. will appear.

  • Google Search
    If you want to search for more specific information, use the search box above or the "Search Catalog" tab in the menu to search the site for specific information.

Academic Information

The bulk of the university catalog is accessed through these menus. The catalog is built to provide immediate and current information about degrees, majors, and programs offered at BYU. After selecting a college from the "Colleges" tab, choose a related department. From the bar on the left, you can choose to view a particular major or minor offered by that department. Once the requirements are listed, you can click on specific courses to view more detailed information.

    For example: (Click on the course below.)
    WRTG 150 : Writing and Rhetoric. (3:3:0)(Credit Hours:Lecture Hours:Lab Hours)
    WRTG 150 : Writing and Rhetoric. (3:3:0)(Credit Hours:Lecture Hours:Lab Hours)
    OFFERED: Honors also.
    WHEN TAUGHT:Fall; Winter; Spring; Summer
    DESCRIPTION: Processes of writing, reading, and research with an emphasis on argumentation and rhetorical analysis.
    NOTE: Fulfills General Education First-Year Writing requirement.

    Course Outcomes

About BYU

"About BYU" is concerned with the goals of BYU as a university and listings of administrators and faculty. Links like "Aims of a BYU Education," "Faculty Index," and "Map of Campus" are found there.

General Information

"General Information" contains a summary of useful information for students.

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