AIM Access

Access to student information is regulated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and should only be given on a need-to-know basis.  University employees who require access to student records in order to perform their job responsibilities may request access to AIM.

Click on the links below for information and instructions:


Request or Expire AIM Access

Three steps must be completed when requesting AIM access:

  1. Initiate a Request - may be done by employee, supervisor, or Information Partner.
    • Enter Net ID then tab to autofill other fields. This verifies that Net ID is entered correctly.
      • Make sure fields display correctly (please edit as needed):
        • Email: this should be a working email where employee will receive instructions for completing their request.
        • Position and Department: if a student employee has more than one job, the most recent will display. 
  2. FERPA Training - Employee watches the online FERPA training videos (Introduction + Faculty or Staff) and answers the questions.
    • May skip this step if FERPA Training was completed within the past two years.
    • FERPA Training may also be accessed from the link on the AIM Access Request form.
  3. Complete the Request - Employee clicks the “Complete Your Request” button, scrolls down to read and agree to the Confidentiality of Records Agreement, then clicks Save.
    • Only the employee receiving access will see this button and must be logged in.
    • Requests that have not been completed by the employee within one month will be discontinued.

To expire access, choose one of the following options on the AIM Access Request form:

  1. Replace an existing employee who has the same access - Use this option to request access for a new employee and expire access for the employee being replaced on the same request form.
  2. Expire employee access - Use this option to expire all or partial access for an employee. Please specify which access to expire if not expiring all access.


AIM Access Request Status Page

The AIM Access Request Status Page ( is the starting point for anything related to AIM access requests. From here you may do the following:

  • Initiate an AIM Access Request
  • Complete a request
  • Add notes to an existing request
  • Approve a request as an Information Partner
  • Discontinue or withdraw a request
  • View status of pending requests
  • Search for past requests


Special Circumstances

   Graduate Access

   For access to Graduate screens:

   Dept/Class Schedulers 

   For training on CLS01 scheduling access, contact:

   CRS1 (Course Detail)

   For training on CRS1 "When Taught" access, contact:

   Scholarship Access

   For access & training on scholarship awards, contact:

   YMessage Access

   For access to YMessage

  • Request AIM Access for YMessage at
  • Be assigned to a workgroup on YMADM8 by
    Workgroup Administrator
  • Contact with problems or questions


Information Partners

List of Information Partners

Information Partners are designated for each College, Department, or Organization that uses AIM and play a vital role in ensuring that employees have the access needed to do their jobs efficiently, without having more than necessary.

The role of Information Partner includes:

  • Acting as a liaison with the Registrar’s Office to determine the appropriate AIM access for employees in their areas of responsibility.
  • Reviewing and approving AIM access requests before they are sent to the Registrar’s Office, where access is granted.
  • Working with supervisors to make sure that access for terminated employees is expired in a timely manner.
  • Reviewing and updating the AIM Access Master List sent by the Registrar’s Office each semester.

Information Partners may request these reports any time from the AIM Access Administrator:

AIM Access Master List
  • All employees with AIM access in
    each Info Partner’s area
  • Info Areas
  • QuickURL pages
Individual Employee
AIM Access
  • Info Areas
  • QuickURL pages
  • Descriptions of a single employee’s
Information Areas and
Associated Pages
  • Information Areas
  • Quick URLs and Page Names commonly
    used by employees in the Info Partner’s area


AIM Access Administrator

If you have any questions about AIM access, please contact:

Laura Hinton
Registrar’s Office | B-150 ASB