Academic Reporting

We provide information from the BYU academic database which serves a university purpose. You must be a BYU employee to submit a request.

My Report Requests

Our Policies

  • Requests for information must come from a BYU employee.
  • Student employees must provide a department/college email address for their requests.
  • Information provided may not be released to a third party unless approved.
  • Information provided can never be released to a party outside the university except in aggregate form such that no individual may be identified.
  • Confidential information is sensitive and must never be released unless authorized in writing by each individual.
  • Requests are not approved based on the access you have in AIM.
  • Information will not be provided for student papers/projects. If a department/college will support the request for data to assist in their office needs, please have the department/college submit the request.
  • If you are requesting an email list of students, please be specific regarding the purpose of the email you intend to send.
  • Reports previously requested on a recurring basis are accessible through SAAS Reports.
  • We discard requests after 10 business days if there is no reponse to our requests for more information.
  • Modifications to completed reports need to be requested using the Revise action on the Completed requests menu.
  • If you feel the report is incomplete due to an error made by our team, please email us at