Ordering Transcripts

There are two options for ordering transcripts.

Option 1: Order Transcript Online (Recommended)

Important Information:

Transcripts available to order:

     Electronic Copy ($5.00 each, Certified PDF)
     Hard Copy ($6.00 each)

Transcripts will go to the address(es) provided by you. Please make sure that you provide complete and accurate addresses.

If a transcript needs to be accompanied by a form (e.g. medical school admissions forms, LSAC) use Option 2.

If you are applying to any of the CES schools (BYU, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii or LDS Business College), send an electronic transcript to:

If you are transferring credit to BYU Idaho Please send an electronic transcript to:

BYU does not fax official transcripts.  Ordering an electronic transcript provides the fastest method of delivery.

Electronic transcripts are delivered in a PDF file format, and are meant to be viewed electronically within Adobe Reader. If printed, "Copy of Certified PDF" will be displayed across the transcript. Viewing transcripts on mobile devices is not yet supported.

You will need to have a Route Y account and authenticate (login) to place your order. If you do not already have an account, you may follow the instructions to set up a Net ID and password from the order link below.


Option 2: Order Transcript by Mail/Fax

If unable to use the online ordering system you may order by mail or fax using the printable transcript request form:

Transcript ordering FAQs:

What is the processing time?

What are the fees?

Can I get an unofficial transcript? / Can I view my grades online?

What if I have recently completed courses or Independent Study?

What about sending transcripts to other CES Schools?

Do other Utah schools accept electronic transcripts?

What if I have a financial hold?

Did you attend BYU prior to 1979?

What if I am applying to BYU Graduate School?

What does the Official Transcript Contain?

Should I order a hard copy or an electronic copy of my transcript?

What if I need to upload an electronic transcript on another website?